Smarter promo tools for better conversion


Below, a list of the tools offered on Camspower. All our tools are tested and optimised in order to ensure the best conversion.

Freechat applet

Offer your visitors a totally new indulgence and add the live video chat experience to your website today. Our Freechat Applet tool empowers partners to integrate live video sex-chat entertainment directly into their websites.

Banners rotation

Attractive static and dynamic banner sets spiced up with compelling call to action texts and buttons. Our banner rotation script guarantees you will only display the best performing banners at any given moment based on our smart algorithm.

Text Link

Basic links collection to keep your code nice and neat. This will let you redirect your traffic to a specific page of the cams site.

Pop unders

Popping behind the active user window is the easiest way to bring them back or increase brand awareness. Instantly put compelling live content in front of your surfers with the use of live feed pop unders or niche specific landing pages for best conversion.

White Label editor

Create your own cam site with the most advanced white label editor. Our white label editor offers a full set of options to customize your site like no other. Click here for more details


Our API option offer endless possibilities with a deeper and more customized integration. This is THE option if you want to create your cams site your OWN way.

Webcams galleries

This tools helps you display a wide selection of the sexiest Models on your site, making the hottest live video chat just a click away from your visitors. Sizes and designs are fully customizable, which makes it easy to match any site design.

Iframe banner

The Iframe banner tool lets you personalize your own banner, with real live models that rotate. The Iframe banner tool increases your CTR and converts more visitors into paying members. This tool is available for all our brands and white label sites.

Side banners

Are you looking for new ad spaces to attract and convert clients from your site ? Our side banners tool will be displayed on the empty space (left and right) of your page.

Live feed banners

The Livefeed banner tool lets you personalize your own live stream html banner, with real live models that rotate. The Livefeed banner tool increases your CTR and converts more visitors into paying members, no matter the device they are using. This tool is available for our brands and your white label sites.

Mailing kits

Our performing emailing creatives will help you convert clients whether you have a large or small email base. Increase your earnings by reaching new users with the Emailing channel.

Freechat tools

This set of tools display real live video feeds, with a pretty compelling calls to action.

Screen out script

This is a powerful tool that displays a pop-up in the center of the page as soon as the user's mouse is outside the browser frame. This enables users who were going to leave your site to sign up. The screenout tool significantly increases the number of clicks to landing pages.

Mobile Redirect

You don't have a mobile version of your site? This script will detect your mobile traffic and redirect to a top performing mobile friendly cam site. That way, you can also earn commission on mobile users.

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